• Dermacon 2020 Theme : Tradition to Technology

30th January to 2nd February, 2020

Laxmi Lawns, Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra, India


Dear Trade Partner,

The 48th National Conference of Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists & Leprologists, DERMACON 2020 is set to be held from (date) to (date) at what is known as ”The Queen of Deccan” - PUNE.

Over the years DERMACON has set high standards by the quality of its academic contents as well as the impact on its esteemed participants from all across the country. We are very committed to continue the tradition of our stalwarts to organize a conference with top quality scientific program. With an underlying theme of-(THEME), it is planned as a premier, all-encompassing event of dermatology, lasers, aesthetics and dermatosurgery.

It gives the medical industry a platform to showcase its products and ideas to key opinion leaders in the field of Dermatology. We believe that this event will be a tremendousopportunity for you to interact & exchange novel ideas in the ever evolving field of medicine.  It will give you a chance to interact with medical practitioners and strengthen your dedication to the growth and progress of dermatology.

We are expecting a footfall of more than 6000+ national & international delegates accompanied by their family members for this conference.

Below mentioned is a detailed list of sponsoring opportunity for your kind perusal and consideration.


Stalls in Exhibit area-
  • Standard Stall:
    Area of 3m x 3m (9 sqm). The stall area would be available on multiples of the minimum area on pro-rata basis.
  • Premium Stall:
    Stalls will be allocated on first come-first serve basis.
    Ice-creams / milk shakes / gourmet tea-coffee & cookies encouraged & to be served by the sponsor.
    Premium Stalls will be offered to Platinum Sponsors only.

Special Incentive (10% discount) on full payment before (DATE)

1. Faculty Lounge

A large area (TBD) would be allocated for national & international faculty. Round the clock (conference time), tea-coffee- snacks & lunch (banner)

2. Meet the expert Lounge

By prior appointment, experts will meet delegates/students to solve their queries. Round the clock (conference time), tea-coffee & snacks will tea available. A large area (TBD) (banner)

3. Delegates / Spouse Lounge

A large area (TBD) for delegates & their registered spouses. Tea/coffee, snacks etc to be served by the sponsor & banner.

  • Website: DERMACON 2020 website sponsorship

  • E-brochures: E-mail sponsorship

  • Print brochures: As & when print brochure is sent, advertisement of sponsors

  • Delegate kit: 6000 delegate kits to be prepared & sponsored (TBD)

  • Transport: Shuttle services between conference venue & surrounding hotels & Dinner venues (banner on vehicles).

  • Parking Area: Banners in the entrance & entire area

  • Mobile charging stations : Five Stations planned.

Registration Area:

Branding of the area. Lounge for registration. Note-pad branding. Branding of on the backside of the badge & lanyard. Conference kit distribution (if the delegate kit is sponsored by the same sponsor).


Preview room & audio-visual in 5 halls & Poster area (between session visual displays). The frequency of the primary sponsor versus the platinum/gold/silver sponsors would be proportionate.

Venue Branding:

Banners, Signages – in prominent places with sponsors branding. (expected 6 branding sites).

Speakers' Preview Room:

The Speakers preview room will be created for the entire invited faculty where they can upload and view their presentation prior to their session. The sponsor can have a standee or display with company brands, information and logo and screen saver at the desktops.

DERMACON App (Including Live Webcast):

App to be ready by end (DATE). All updates/notification though the app for registered delegates. Restricted entry (viewing & accessing) to un-registered persons. The entire scientific sessions in all the halls & for all days will be cast live or post event through the app (akin to hot-star live events). This will be available to only registered delegates with unique registration number & mobile number with OTP verification.

Live Webinar:

Various scientific sessions will be available for live relay at time of sponsor's convenience.

Soft drinks / Water:

Outside every scientific hall. Drinks to be provided by the sponsor.

Dinner & Lunch:

Prominent display of the sponsor.
Special meal served with a calorie counter.
(Welcome & Presidential) Gala Dinner

Premium Sponsors:

Platinum Sponsor
  • Proportionate size of standee display at registration area, outside main scientific hall, exhibit & lunch-dinner area
  • Audio-visual display of sponsorship between sessions
  • One complimentary premium pavilion
  • 20 lunch coupons for all days
  • Website – home page display at bottom
Diamond Sponsor
  • Proportionate size of standee display at registration area, outside main scientific hall & exhibit area
  • Audio-visual display of sponsorship between sessions
  • 10 lunch coupons for all days
  • Website – home page display at bottom
Gold Sponsor
  • Proportionate size of standee display at registration area, outside main scientific hall
  • Audio-visual display of sponsorship between sessions
  • 5 lunch coupons for all days
  • Website – home page display at bottom
Silver sponsor
  • Proportionate size of standee display outside main scientific hall
  • Audio-visual display of sponsorship between sessions
  • 3 lunch & coupons for all days
  • Website – home page display at bottom
Entire area complimentary WIFI:

The login page will have the sponsor’s name.

Transport Sponsors:

The sponsor will arrange transportation for conference delegates (in coordination with OC and PCO) and will display name and logo on the Buses and Cars used for transporting delegates.
Banner on all faculties, delegate vehicles

Parking Area:

The sponsor will manage the parking area with security. They can display name and logo in the Parking Lot.

Terms of Payment:
  • 60% with signed contract
  • 40% up to 4 months before the congress
  • All payments must be received before the start date of the congress

Should  the  supporter  fail  to  complete  payments  prior  to  the  commencement  of  the  congress  the  organizer will be entitled to cancel the reservation while cancellation will be subject to cancellation fees as determined below.

The Organizers Shall Retain:

10% of  the  agreed  package  amount  if  the  cancellation / modification  is  made  on  or  before  (DATE)
50% of the agreed package amount if the cancellation/modification is made between (DATE)
100% of the agreed package amount if the cancellation/modification is made after (DATE)

Raw Space
Definition :
  • Includes bare floor space for exhibitors who wish to design & build their own stand.
  • Design  and  material  for construction  of  individual  booths  has  to  be  arranged  directly  by  the Exhibitors.
  • Only Power connection will be supplied by organizers.
Construction Timing & Schedule for Raw Space

Exhibitors constructing their own Booth's construction timings given below :

  • To Commence Booth Construction work by (DATE) 12:00 noon
  • To Complete Booth Construction work by (DATE) 12:00 noon

Exhibitors using the Shell scheme booths should report to site & commence their Machinery Placement / Booth's decoration / window's display work as per timings given below:
To Commence & Complete Windows Display / Decoration work On (DATE) at 12.00 noon & complete work by (DATE) at 12.00 noon

Construction Rules & Regulations for Raw Space

10:00 am to 08:00 pm

All Raw space Exhibitors must strictly adhere to the following rules and regulations:

Each booth will be provided with electrical connections and will be allowed a maximum consumption of         watts. Earthling is a must for every type of electrical connection and accessory fitting.

On completion of fabrication of booths by 12noon on (DATE). All Exhibitors must obtain Completion Certificate from Organisers, which will only be issued to those Exhibitors who have complied with all Rules & Regulations related to booth construction and planning. Exhibitors are requested to collect and endorse their booth Completion Certificate from their respective service booths.

In view of prevailing power situation heat generated due to lights and electrical fittings needs to be controlled inside exhibition halls. This will subsequently control required tonnage for air-conditioning and final consumption of electricity. Hence, exhibitors are requested to use LED Lights for their booth design.

Due to limited construction period, use of pre-fabricated components is recommended. Exhibitors must ensure that pre-fabricated components being used adhere to all Fire Regulations. All the construction material must be fire resistant.

All types of Spray Painting of stand panels with oil based paints and any inflammable materials inside halls are strictly prohibited. Any exhibitor found using same will be immediately stopped and will not be offered any extra time for completing their work which has been lost due to discontinuing of work.

Plaster of Paris (POP), Civil Work and Melamine Polishing or Carpentry work is strictly prohibited inside halls.

For convenience of Exhibitors and also maintenance of electrical equipment during exhibition, it is suggested that following specific colors of wires should be used for all types of electrical connections in the booths :

Red for the Electrical Phase | Black for Neutral | Green for the Earthing

The height of booth must not exceed 2.5m. Please note that Organizers reserve the rights to dismantle any booth, which exceeds maximum specified height of 2.5m.

Projection & Playing of loud music strictly not allowed which may cause any obstruction to neighboring booths.

During construction & exhibition period, exhibitors must ensure that their materials / furniture / exhibits are not kept in aisles / gangways. Obstructing items are liable to be removed without warning.

Signboards, arches, lighting equipment, flags, furniture pieces or exhibits should not protrude into aisles nor extend beyond rented space.

All decorative material should be placed within booth space. Exhibitors are requested to hold demonstrations and presentations in their own booths, keeping enough room for their audience so that audience's interest is focused at individual booth and they do not disturb gangway. Items like neon lights / artificial grass & similar decorative materials are not allowed.

Any decoration or exhibit must not obstruct fire-fighting equipment and facilities, such as fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, sprinklers, emergency bells, emergency exit signs, etc. Also, Exhibitors must make sure that exhibits, packaging material are not left in these areas.

Hanging of decorative materials such as banners or wires from ceiling of exhibition halls is strictly prohibited.

Exhibitors will be held liable and will be fined for any damage caused to exhibition site, by them, their agents or contractors. Please note that for any damages, DERMACON 2020 will charge exhibitor concerned to extent of the damage caused.

Exhibitors are responsible for removal of all trash at close of the exhibition. Large volumes of waste – any items including catalogues, books, etc. remaining in booths will be regarded as trash, and exhibitors will be charged for its/their removal.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Exhibition Area.

Any decision of the organizer's architect on exhibitor's booth construction work will be final and binding.

DERMACON 2020 will not be responsible for any loss of Exhibitor's or Contractor's material before, during or after the show which includes construction and dismantling period

Dismantling of Booth

Exhibitors' contractors can start dismantling their booths from 2:00 pm onwards on (DATE)& should be over on (DATE)By 12noon In case of non-dismantling by stipulated date & time same will be cleared by housekeeping team as waste material.

Electrical Guidelines

Three phase power connection will be provided to all exhibitors (Shell Scheme & Raw Space) on request. Lights/Power plug points will be provided strictly as per type of booth allotted. See heading “Basic Booth Equipment Package”. Exhibitors are strictly advised NOT to directly draw electricity from the Distribution Boxes. If detected, these would be immediately disconnected by Organizer's electrical engineers. As per Exhibitors requirement Organizers will supply electricity (up to the stipulated maximum load). The Organizer's electrical engineer will check all electric fittings and circuits.

Electrical guidelines for your electrical contractor, your electricity requirement for booth.

All exhibitors are requested to assist the inspectors when they come to inspect the power consumption in their respective booth/s.

All exhibitors must appoint a licensed electrical contractor for carrying out the internal wiring within the booths & must submit a photocopy of the contractor's license to the Organizers. The contractor must appoint a licensed supervisor on site for executing the electrical work.

For entire Stall lighting Stall Contractors shall use PVC insulated 1100 V copper wire. For lighting circuit the wire shall be 3x2.5 sq.mm PVC insulated copper wire.

For 16A power point, 3x4 sq.mm

For all stalls the incoming power will be provided at one point by means of MCB in every stall by IGJME through their licensed electrical contractor. Further wiring shall be through conduit or casing capping by Stall Contractors / Shell Contractors.

Entire Stall wiring shall be done properly without any type of joints. Wire shall be terminated using crimping lugs.

Entire installation shall be done in a safe manner.

The load connected to power point shall be suitable for the socket.

It is mandatory to use only ISI mark material for doing the electrical installation. All Electrical installation is to be properly earthed.


- In case of any dispute arising out of the above requirement the consultant's judgments will be final & binding on the contractor.

Each booth will be provided 3 phase electrical connections and. Earthing is a must for every type of electrical connection and accessory fitting.

Exhibitors are strictly advised NOT to directly draw electricity from the Distribution Boxes. If detected, these would be immediately disconnected by Organizer's electrical engineers.

Exhibitors may please note that floodlights & halogens for lighting purpose are strictly NOT ALLOWED as they are a fire hazard and reduce the effectiveness of air-conditioning thereby causing inconvenience to all. Exhibitor may use CFL bulbs, Metal Halide of 70 Watt, Energy Saving lights, etc for stalls

The organizers reserve the right to assess the safety and consumption of electricity at each booth.

It has been found that poor quality lights used by exhibitors, which omit hazardous, ultra violet (UV) radiation, which is harmful to eyes, skins and general health of human beings. Hence, the exhibitors are requested to strictly use the permitted UV Resistant electrical lights and fittings as described below (or equivalent one s with the same specifications), which are tested and of good quality make like GE, Philips, Osram & etc.

Badge Entitlement

Each exhibitor will be entitled to get free Exhibitor Badges as per the entitlements in sponsorship category with the names of their personnel who will be present during the exhibition at their booths, together.

Exhibitors should note that without a proper badge, no one will be allowed to enter the halls / man the booths. All exhibitors will have to collect their exhibitor badges from the venue.


The badges for total manpower including hostesses/interpreters should be within the entitled quota of badges that each Exhibitor is allowed. Numbers for the same are stated in the above table. Any misuse of the Exhibitor badges will result in confiscation of the cards.

Misuse of badges : The entry badge is strictly personalized and non-transferable. Anyone caught trying to forge this badge or force entry will be liable for persecution.

Loss of badge : Duplicate badges will be issued to the exhibitors for the loss of badges. The badges will be provided IN PERSON to the same person who has lost his/her badge.

House Keeping

DERMACON 2020 will provide complimentary House Keeping Service inside booth to the exhibitors from (DATE) between 8 am to 7PM

Exhibitors are requested to keep dustbins outside their booths when they leave booths at end of the show every day. Housekeeping personnel will be cleaning passages and gangways and booths of Exhibitors.

Terms & Conditions

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